8. Examples

Dynare comes with a database of example .mod files, which are designed to show a broad range of Dynare features, and are taken from academic papers for most of them. You should have these files in the examples subdirectory of your distribution.

Here is a short list of the examples included. For a more complete description, please refer to the comments inside the files themselves.


An elementary real business cycle (RBC) model, simulated in a deterministic setup.

example1.mod example2.mod

Two examples of a small RBC model in a stochastic setup, presented in Collard (2001) (see the file guide.pdf which comes with Dynare).


A small RBC model in a stochastic setup, presented in Collard (2001). The steady state is solved analytically using the steady_state_model block (see steady_state_model).


A cash in advance model, estimated by Schorfheide (2000). The file shows how to use Dynare for estimation.


The same model than fs2000.mod, but written in non-stationary form. Detrending of the equations is done by Dynare.


Multi-country RBC model with time to build, presented in Backus, Kehoe and Kydland (1992). The file shows how to use Dynare’s macro-processor.


Small open economy RBC model with shocks to the growth trend, presented in Aguiar and Gopinath (2004).


Baseline New Keynesian Model estimated in Fernández-Villaverde (2010). It demonstrates how to use an explicit steady state file to update parameters and call a numerical solver.